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*big sigh* Once again the real world over-rides the fun world... I hate when that happens... Especially as it seems to involve more paperwork than I thought even existed. >_> I'm almost afraid to check my snail mail these days. Who knew that having a happy could give you writers' cramp? ^___o

Anyway... A tiny bit of new fic... after the rant. ^____^ You can skip the rant; it's just been nagging on the edges of my mind for a while and this morning just punted me right over the edge. ^___~

here be aged grumbling )

Yeah, I know: Pissy dragon is pissy. >_< So would you be, if you were just about to apply Advantage to a squirming and highly pissed off cat when the knock on the door sounded and sent the pissed off cat straight up the wall, across the ceiling and into hiding. And wasted $10 worth of flea killer. If another group knocks on my door today, I'm getting the vinegar spray.

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I have so many emails and comments I need to answer and I'm still pissed. >.< Crap. Lovely. The cat wounds are bleeding again. *sigh*
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I once wanted to be a teacher. >_< For all of you who actually are... my condolences for the stupidity of government.
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Some people just appall me. I was out today running a couple of close-in errands. On the way home, I stopped for the light at our big intersection (so-called because the rail tracks run parallel to the boulevard and the cross street has a dedicated right-turn lane, so you really have to pay attention) while the other side of the street got their left-turn arrow. A guy in a wheel chair was crossing (he started across with the light, but it's a wide intersection and he was under his own power so not exactly zipping) and he reached my side of the intersection (three lanes plus the right-turn lane) about the same time our light turned green. So me and the guy next to me just sit there waiting on him. No big deal; I'm not in a hurry and pedestrians (and wheelchairs) have the right-of-way. Took the guy about six seconds to finish crossing and I could tell he was trying to hurry, but neither of us were moving until he actually reached the sidewalk. Like I said, no biggy.

Guy behind us starts freaking out and leaning on his horn like a damn fuckwit. We ignored him and he make a perfect twat of himself until we started moving.

Seriously, dude? WTF is wrong with you?! >_<

And then he had to roar past us up the road when he had the chance, barreling through a residential area like he was John Force at Pomona. >_< I would so like to be able to melt the engines of those assholes. *sigh*

Anyway, just needed to blow that off. >_>
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My usual mode of filling downtime is to post a funny link or a LOLcat photo, but today, it's just a random not-even-a-rant about the decline of civilization. *sigh* Yeah, yeah; I know.... BOR-ing! Most probably. That's why there are cuts. ^____~

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...and a bit of... 'stuff'. >_> Skip the 'rant' if you have perfect children...

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bad week...

Oct. 5th, 2008 11:07 am
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To go with the bad month, the bad year, the bad life... >_>

Started out realising that much as I would like to be checking my blood sugar like a good little reptile, I won't be able to until I can afford the damn test strips. >.< Maybe next month.

Then I moved on to discovering that because of the housing/banking/financial services meltdown, the ranks of the unemployed are now filled with people who are younger, better educated, and way more customer-service oriented than I am. I am so fucked. *headdesk*

And best of all, I seem to be developing a phobia of some sort, like agouraphobia (however the damn thing is spelled) with a touch of claustrophobia and a heavy dose of paranoia. The paranoia may not be misplaced; I'm wondering if something really is out to get me. O.o

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Trying to get my schedule back in order. We'll see how well that works in the next couple of weeks. O.O

Another bit of BFB; it's short, though. Sorry about that. O.o I've had some difficulty with this part. >_> Duo keeps wanting to run all over the landscape, with Heero and I running after him yelling, "Wait! Wait!" I keep trying to explain that if he does everything in *this* part, there will be nothing left for the *next* part. O.O He's a stubborn Banshee, though.

And the hysteria speaks for itself... >_> I oughta just strip it out, but hey, I'm pissed and worried and Hair-Trigger Ballistic seems to have taken up permanent residence. (sorry sunny ^.o)

hysterical rant )

BFB - Part 101 - Blood Ties )
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So, it's Friday again and I still have fic to post; yay! ^__^

The first is just mad-dragon-frothing-at-the-mouth; feel free to skip. Fic is the second... It should be self-explanatory, if my cuts work... IF. ^.o

not so small but very hysterical rant )

THIS is where you really want to go.... trust me.

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