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And a bit of an apology and some whinage... whineage? ...along with fic. ^___^

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It occured to me this morning as I skated around the local Wallyworld aghast at how... empty it was, that I am having absolutely no holiday anxiety. O.o Wow! What a concept! I have my kid's gifts staged for that day next month. We are going out to eat tomorrow. My roommate is going to his family's. It took less than $40 to fill my gas tank. I have yarn to play with, fabric to play with, DVDs to watch, chips and salsa to gorge on and the ingredients for a dump cake, should I get so motivated, and my laundry is done and put away. ^____^

The water district has finished playing with the new hydrant - at some point in Top Chef, one of the teams named their restaurant "Quatre" (why am I watching this?! >.<) - my truck is shiny after last night's rain - I accomplished an amazing bit of sleight-of-organisation - and I have a whole... bunch? of amigurumi turnips made. ^___^

I will probably be struck by a falling space-toolbox. >_>

In the meantime, a bit more of something. ^__~

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Really, I didn't. O_O The hamsters were hiding it from me.

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I'm finally beginning to recover from my week... It's nothing like Sunny's week, so I feel pretty guilty even having a "week" to recover from, but dragons are all about these little shiny things... >_> Be sure to go give the Bird a hug. Some cookies would probably be good too. ^__~

My week started with a cat having an existential crisis; territorial issues, softness issues, "mom likes you best!" issues... *rolls eyes* And finally, after ten years, I am taking a class in how to manage my diabetes. Wish they'd had this ten years ago; I'd have been testimg myself everyday. It's kind of stressful to discover that while I've been trying to watch what I eat, especially the dreaded carbs, I wasn't doing that good a job of it. No wonder my tests have run consistantly in the 220 range. =p Hopefully, being able to test every day will help me adjust that. They even gave me a meter! Too bad the testing supplies are so expensive... O.o

So, since I am finally pulling myself together, another part of Walkabout. I might post something else this weekend also; depends on how much work I do in the house. I have a dining room to find and the clutter is large.... O_O

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*headdesk* *arrrrrggghhhhhh!!!!*

Okay, this is it; I swear. O.o I have to go... do something. Catnip the cats or something...

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As I warned, a bit more of fic; this time Walkabout.

If this month is anything like the last two, I will probably be resorting to retail, at least through the holidays. This is not pleasing to me. >.< I do not have the temperament for "customer service". I am limited to smile, handle purchase, smile, thankyoucomeagain. That's as good as I get. And at this point in my life, I am getting damned tired of having to justify myself. I am a back room/back office person; why is that so difficult to comprehend? If that's not what the job entails, then just say so and move on; don't try to talk me into something that I will do badly and resent you for. >.< Not like there aren't a million other people on the verge of starvation who would be happy to do that job. >_> My, don't I sound petulant? ^___~ Age and a disturbing sense of fairness will do that to ya.

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It's been one of those weeks. The adrenalin from Spam Day lasted until Tuesday and then just... left. O.O Probably scared off by RL...

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Anyway.... ^____^ This one was featured in the spam day flurry, and since it's not all that long, I thought I'd start putting it up.

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