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Maybe I can start a new tradition. ^___^ My fic hamsters seem to be prostrated by the heat at the moment. Hot flashes aren't just for dragons, it seems. >_< And Bubba took one look at those hyraxes and took off to recruit them. I do not want to know what he's planning, but it can't be good. >_>

We're only a week away from August, so it's time to mention Reach Out And Smack Someone. Due to the length of some smack lists, the ROASS Day was increased to a whole month. Election years are always good for long lists. ^__~ Anyway, it's that time of year when you deliver pointed virtual smacks to anyone and everyone who has annoyed or irritated you in the past year. I always caution that the smackage should be virtual, because I am not responsible for any RL violence that occur. If you have a sibling or SigO who needs a real-world smack, the consequences are all yours. ^_____^ But I would appreciate pictures and even video, should it happen to make the evening news. ^___~

In any case, my list is long and steamy, but I plan to pace myself over the whole month. It's a temptation to see how quickly I can get through all the names, but really, I am pushing a thousand, so I should relax. ^____^

Here we have yet a bit more of the Hunt for Suitable Housing. ^____^ (and I'm behind in replying to comments because my dragonette is deep into a game on my computer and is bouncing next to my elbow in an effort to get me off of here.)

BFB - Part 102 - Good Vamp Hunting )


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