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From the spectacular T-shirt,, Heero and Duo and the koi. ^_____^

...and - hopefully! - the animated version! (if it's not animated, then I probably did something wrong and maybe T-shirt will post it?)

Just to make her feathers ruffle, the Bird had a hand in this. ^___^ (O)(O)(O)(O)(O) to both of you!

Thank you!
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Cool pic of WyvernHeero! Here!

Cuddle the artist! ^_____~


Jan. 22nd, 2009 04:12 pm
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This is the result of a Xmas gift-art certificate from Sunhawk. Doesn't Porcelain do adorable work?! ^____^

And yes, the kid knows he is now on the intertubes. He is... bemused. ^___~
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Just because it was first posted about six weeks ago and it's so cute I want to do it again. ^___^

Remember: T-shirt makes the cute. ^___~
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Since the request was made... ^___^

Leo - front view.

Leo - back view.

The background is shiny; I know. It's the shiny-clean-and-waxed tailgate of Akachan. ^___^
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I have a creative gene. It's kind of cool most of the time, being able to turn an idea into something concrete. I'm not inventive enough to be a pro at any of this stuff, but it sure makes my leisure time fun. ^___^

The only really annoying thing is that it seems to be an 'either/or' sort of gene. Either I can write or I can knit/crochet/sew/stitch/draw(don't laugh; I used to do a LOT of that when I was a dragonette), but I cannot write AND crochet/knit/stitch/sew/draw. Lately, probably because of the employment angst, I've been in 'OR' mode. >_>

What am I leading up to, you ask? O.O Well, mostly this...

This is Leo, my Lion Brand Yarn lion. Leo is the patriarch of a growing family. ^___^

And the reason why fic is scarce at the moment. ^__~
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Man, I hope the truck in a waterfall pic wasn't a fluke.... O_o

In any case, I has Xmas art! Really early! If you need something or just want something pretty, check out

t_shirt is doing commissions and they are fabulous! Go! Go NOW!!!


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I've been pointed to this place a couple of times, always for a really nifty result. I imagine the real artists (as opposed to those of us who can only dream) may already be familiar with this, but still, I felt like sharing. ^___^

Oh, not for those who only like hearts and bubbles and flowers.... ^_o
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Since I got this during the back-to-work weeks, I totally spaced on getting it posted. Rectifying that today; only a couple weeks late. ^___^

And since I also haven't had time to get it into my photo 'album', Sunhawk was sweet enough to help out. ^____^ This new job stuff is killing me. O.o

I got a cute holiday pic of BansheeDuo and WyvernHeero from t_shirt1x2! ^______^ Thanks sweetie, and I'm working on that braid. ^.o


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