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I have a part-time job, see... *sigh* It won't pay the bills and it sure as hell won't pay for my insurance, but at least we'll eat. But I expect to be beat to hell by the time I get home tonight, so figured I better post this now. >_>

For anyone interested, the job I really want is still in process. Who knew that it could take up to six months to get a job where you don't even carry a gun? O.O Alternate job possibility has skipped happily into my life, so I may even have a backup now. ^__^ Happy about that; not happy at spending all day on my feet again. I worked pretty hard to get past that stage of my life; not at all amused at having to backtrack. Still, the place does offer a pretty decent employee discount... if I had any money to take advantage of it. =p

Anyway; more Lockjaw. Enjoy!

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I know; it's short. *sigh* Breaking down a one-shot into postable parts is a pain. The natural breaks in this particular one are few and far between. For anyone who happens to be collecting these little bits, I will post the whole thing once it's finished. >_> Um... That's assuming LJ lets me. O.o

No whine this time; look for that around the 26th, at which point I will be contemplating whether I can live in my truck. =p

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Perhaps a nap would help... O.o

More Lockjaw; about half finished. ^___^ I may have to follow Sunhawk and post 'crafty' stuff for a while after this. >_> Assuming I can get the hang of the photobucket thing.... ^.o

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Not like I really need a Friday right now. *rolls eyes* Just trying to empathize with everyone else. *sigh*

Anyway, more of the last. Maybe another month of this. ^___^

Safe weekend, now; no accidents and no spraying lighter fluid on the hot coals in the grill. The fire department has enough to do. ^.o

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What can I say? It's been another of "those" weeks. >.< Ooh... Sirens! Must be another call to the retirement home... ^.o

BFB should resume just as soon as I smack down the last match-making hamsters. >.< *not YET, you rotten rodents!* ^____^

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Not a worm; don't like worms. =p Icky, slimy things. The early dragon gets... Oh! O.O; Of course! ^___^ The early Dragon gets the sleeping Banshee!

But... not this week. ^.o This week is more of Lockjaw.

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I am still wrestling with hyper/psycho hamsters on BFB. >.< They seem to find it amusing to hand me a few words or a line or two and then scamper off laughing hysterically. And since they're hiding in/under the decorative crabapples, I can't get to them. Little shits.

I am also so keyed up over my current job thing that I'm about three ticks away from either an aneurysm or a psychotic break. O.o I won't elaborate; it just makes me more cranky to think about it. Things are actually going... well... but in such a way as to make me homicidal. >_> Better to leave that alone for the weekend. =_=

Therefore... Something new! ^__^ And, yeah, there's more. ^___^ I cannot aspire to be a cliffie queen; I'm barely a princess. Hm. Maybe a dragon-in-waiting.... ^.o

This is... slightly goofy. O.o I managed to rein it in somewhat, but it's still goofy. And essentially pointless. ^__^

Gundam Wing
1x2/2x1; 5xS/Sx5
PG-13; language (it's one of my Duos; there has to be 'language')
Dum-de-dum-de-dum.... They'll all be mine just as soon as I finish this sweater for Deathscythe.... the bunnies said so. ^__^ But in the meantime... they're not mine. O.O;;;

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