Apr. 26th, 2017

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This is my first venture into posting at Dreamwidth, so I hope I get this right. If not, feel free to advise me. ^__^

BFB – Part 105 – Satisfaction

“Is Heero still in the dungeons?” I asked, after scanning for my Dragon and not finding him.

“Yeah. Something about cinnamon spice lattes and pork egg rolls,” Tiffany answered distractedly. “I don't know what that means and I probably don't want to know.”

I thought for a moment and then agreed. If it involved the R&D Wizards, I preferred not to get too curious. Instead, I turned my computer on and began writing up my daily report.

Heero was back by lunchtime and predictably annoyed. I gave it a moment's thought and decided I didn't really want to know either. At least not before lunch. Instead, I draped myself across his desk and suggested a handful of eating places where he could literally sink his teeth into something juicy. We wound up at a steakhouse at the mall.

I had my filet mignon and he had something that resembled a hunk of cow butchered by coyotes. I don't ask anymore. Some days he just has to let his cranky side fly free; this was apparently one of those days. I had time for dessert and a coffee before he finished ripping that steak to inhale-able bits.

“So...” I began once he was done, “the Freaky Five being irresponsible again?”

“'Again'? Try still,” he growled. “They have been warned repeatedly, but still seem to have no discernible sense of self-preservation. They lost another intern.”

“Wait. They have interns again?! I thought that was on hold after they lost that one last year!” Crispy crittered holy wow; no wonder he was so pissed. “Um... Are they all still alive?” I asked.

“Oh yes. No one gets eaten until the intern is back. Safely. They are currently 'working on it',” he snarled.

“Need any help?” Not sure what help I could be, but I can do a phone tree or the fire.

“Not at the moment. I have Wufei monitoring them.”

Ah. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Wufei really dislikes the Freaky Five for some reason I've never been privy to. Another one of those 'not sure I want to know' things.

“How long has the intern been missing?” Surely not that long; we would have heard before this.

“Thirty-six hours and change,” he muttered, glaring at the dessert menu.

“What?! How did they manage that?!”

“Apparently, in addition to lacking any self-preservation instinct, they also believe that if I am not present in the labs, I am not aware of what they are up to.”

“But that's just...” Words failed me.

“Yes.” He put down the menu and looked at the server, who managed to stand his ground in the face of that glare and would be getting a very large tip. “I will have the death by chocolate. And a grande margarita. I'm not driving.”

Once the server had fled, I poked the Dragon again. “When did you find out? Just this morning?”

“Yes. The excuse was that they expected her back hours ago and assumed she had just stopped to powder her nose.”

I gaped at him.

“Exactly.” His dessert and drink arrived and he grabbed the goblet before the server had much more than let go of it. And 'grande' my ass; the thing must have been a full liter. Good thing he's not particularly susceptible to alcohol.

There went any and all weekend plans, at least until the intern was retrieved. I wondered if they had any clue at all of where she was. Knowing them, probably not. Just fucking terrific.

“So... No fun-time this weekend?” I asked plaintively. Didn't mean to sound plaintive, but it slipped out. Dammit, I wanted some fun-time after my successful completion of my mission.

“Oh, there will be fun-time. Q is having a barbecue tonight at his place. Everyone is invited to celebrate your success.” He smirked at me.

“Oh wow! That sounds great!” Q lives in a swanky townhouse in the best part of the town; the place looks like a palace to me. We've had dinner there a few times. Q has a freed house-elf who refuses to leave “Master” and insists on looking after him. Q has referred to him as a bequest from his mother, among a few other gifts. He always says that with an eye-roll, but has never explained why.

Not my business to poke, though. Many other things to be curious about besides our Fearless Leader.

“I thought you'd like that,” Heero smirked again. “Once the intern is recovered, we can take some time away this weekend.”

“I have that meeting at the psych hospital,” I reminded him.

“We will be back in time for that, or we will make time and then finish our weekend properly.” Oh yeah, I like the sound of “properly”.

We caught a port back to the office, where Tiffany was all smiles.

“Good news, Heero! We found the intern. She's being recovered even as we speak.”

That lightened my heart a bit; I wouldn't feel right having fun-time if the poor woman was still missing.

“Excellent,” said Heero. “Who found her?”

“Not one of the Freaky Five, that's for sure. It was Wufei and his 'poking' into notes and parchments. He figured out what they were doing at the moment they lost her and was able to send a porter to those coordinates. Ms McTessah was almost delirious when she recognized the porter.”

“Outstanding. I take it Wufei is still reading from the fires of hell?”

“Of course. He said he may be finished by tomorrow. I reminded him of the barbecue, so he said he'd speed things up a bit and switched to Mandarin. It sounds so much worse in Mandarin,” she snickered.

Heero laughed in agreement.

“How's the intern?” I asked. “She's not hurt?”

“Just scared and a little angry. Mistress Loquinn is looking her over and may keep her overnight, but it looks like she'll be fine. She does want to punt the Wizards into the moat, though.”

“Good idea. I'm sure there would be people willing to help.”

“Oh yeah. Me first!”

Tiffany gave a very unladylike snort. “Get in line, Banshee!”

We all laughed at that. I went back to my desk to finish my notes and daily log and Heero and Tiffany put their heads together to discuss further the appropriate punishment for the Five. I swear they must be amazing in R&D, because I can't see why they're allowed to stay here otherwise.


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