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Hope I haven't surprised anyone by actually getting this posted in October. I did surprise myself. ^__^

Writing is actually happening, although somewhat sporadically around my efforts to clean up the living/dining room. I recently closed a storage room and wound up with more boxes than could be stuffed into the remaining storage room, so they had to come home with me. Their new home? My poor living room. Fortunately, it's mostly yarn and that can be shuffled into the existing stash fairly easily. The problem is the not-yarn. I actually have to think to deal with that - do I keep it (and where to put it), do I donate it or do I just trash it? Decisions, decisions...

Does anyone else have to deal with stuff that grows/expands whenever you take your eyes off it? Even my plants are sending out shoots and begging for repotting. *yes, yes; I'll get to you!* Two of my medium size sansevieria plants suddenly went into high gear once they got into regular pots about six months ago, and now they need to be shifted into large pots to hold all the branches they've produced. I don't think they believe that we're heading into winter. O.o Oh well. At least nothing has died lately; that's good. ^___^

Enjoy. ^__~

BFB – Part 105 – Satisfaction

Now I remembered where I'd heard about her – she was the Wizard who set the faulty portkey and dumped my friend Ryo at the Quiddich Cup. How could one Human be so... so... Words failed me.

Q perched on the edge of a desk. “She's an only child and is spoiled rotten. Never wanted for a thing in her life. Her father has an unfortunate tendency to defend any and all transgressions. We're friends,” he clarified when I raised an eyebrow. “I've tried since the day she was born to get him to see that coddling her the way he has would do her no favors in life.”

“Where all has she been in the Castle?” The intern returned and handed round the caffeine.

Cranky Badger blew a loose tendril of hair off her face. “Sap, where hasn't she been? Port room, escort, mail room, data, admin, reception, probation and a few more I've forgotten. She's too good for any job she's had and seems to think 'I'll tell my father' is an acceptable excuse for ignoring reprimands.”

“It must have worked, at least a little, if she's still here,” I said.

“Not anymore,” Heero muttered. “She's coming.”

We all straightened up, except Q. He's the boss so he can lounge if he chooses.

Sure enough, my nemesis pushed open the glass door with her hip, hands busy with coffee and her phone; she didn't even notice us.

“Ms Wildomar, you are late. Again.” Cranky Badger stood up and glared at the Wizard.

“Whatever,” muttered the woman without looking up.

“No, not 'whatever',” said Q loudly. Better believe she looked up at that! “Ms Wildomar, you are terminated, as of...” He glanced at the ornate grandfather clock. “Three minutes past eight, this date. Please collect your personal effects, turn in your key card and leave these premises. Your final paycheck is being sent to your account as we speak. There will be no appeal.”

Wildomar's eyes widened and she nearly dropped her phone. “You can't fire me! I'll tell my father!”

To me, those were two different subjects, but no one else seemed surprised. Then Q spoke, flicking an invisible piece of dust from his ornate lapel.

“I expect you to do so. I asked him to call me in about five minutes. Please clean out your desk.”

“Fuck you!” she shrieked and vanished.

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