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So, anyone drop over in surprise? It's only been something like 6 years that Chibi has been on hold, or as I like to call it 'languishing in the pits of writers' block'. ^__^ I guess I'll find out how this goes over, won't I?


Chibi Problem — Part 33

So, a barbecue at the beach. Surrounded by tanned, toned and muscular bodies.

What was I thinking?

Last time I owned a bathing suit... was a damn long time ago. I don’t know how to swim. I grew up before every other house had a pool, and my parents weren’t big on the beach. They were from the generation that still shunned public pools as hotbeds of polio and other nasty afflictions, so I never learned to swim. I tried, during college, and discovered that I cannot open my eyes underwater, even with goggles on, and I am easily disoriented. Since I don’t live anywhere that I might be called upon to swim in an emergency, I figured ‘screw it’, and found another hobby.

Nevertheless, BabyDoll and I went shopping for a bathing suit. I opted to try some of the beach shops; they sometimes have styles and/or options for people who are somewhat non-standard. I’m not grossly overweight, but neither am I a size 3 hard-body. Think... Wonder Woman, after she’s let herself go for few years...

BabyDoll sat on my shoulder, chattering excitedly as we roamed the shops. I tried on more swimsuits in five hours than I’ve ever tried on in my life. BabyDoll perched on hooks or sprawled on benches in various dressing rooms and thrummed or hissed his opinions. He fluttered up to stand on my shoulder and looked down at my butt and shook his head. He covered his eyes and gulped. He covered his mouth and giggled.

I stared into mirrors and wondered if it was too late to sue my parents for lumpy genes.

I finally settled on a tank top and a skirt sort of thing. It fit reasonably well; the bright tropical print camouflaged my... imperfections, and it didn’t look too unfashionable. And BabyDoll hadn’t made any gagging noises when I tried it on.

I paid for the damn thing and we took it home, where I was obliged to model it for the rest of the gundam and Ruthie’s Chibis. Quite a lot of ooohing and aaahing went on among them, but all I could think of was “Holy shit. I have a *date*.”

A date, at my age. Holy fucking crap. I thought I was over all this when I was twenty.

We managed to get through that week on autopilot, I think. BabyDoll spent a great deal of time with his chibits and with the other duos. That alone made me a bit suspicious.

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