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Aaaannnnnd.... Here we are again. ^___^ Wasn't sure I could do this today; my internet connection is being pouty. I dunno, maybe it's the heat. Although, we're only supposed to be 96 today. That's not bad, right? ^___O There's even a 1% chance of rain! And it's Friday!

So anyway, here you go. ^___^

BFB – Part 104 – Freaky

As Duo suggested, Ctik moved to the porch of the old house and introduced himself to Farq.

“I do hope you don't mind that I came with Duo. Everyone seems loathe to let him out of their sight.”

The demon gave a watery smile. “Oh no. Whatever Lord Banshee wants is fine with me. He's been very patient and extraordinarily generous with me. Do you work in the MIO?”

“No, Duo's been assisting me in finding a place to live. My previous arrangement was sold out from under me, unfortunately.” The two chatted politely for a short while, watching idly as the combatants combatted. Ovalia had backed off, ceding the point to Duo, though she still paced back and forth, rumbling deep in her chest.

“I wish she'd just go away,” muttered Farq. “She doesn't like me, she doesn't like this job, she doesn't like my house and she makes me stay in my demon form, even where people could see me. Even after Lord Banshee said I was to stay in my human form.” He sighed. “She doesn't like me mentioning him, either.”

The volume of shouting increased sharply between the Banshee and Witch. “What is that woman doing?” muttered Ctik, as the Wizard waved her wand with rather careless abandon. “She will do someone an injury.”

Farq sighed. “She doesn't like minding me, as I said. I try not to be a bother, but I think she thinks she's better than this job.”

“But if it is her job...”

“She really doesn't like me...”

Ovalia suddenly broke away from the argument and bounded toward the house. “Get down! Get down!” she cried. “She just called Duo a vile name and he's getting that look!”

“What look?” asked Ctik in alarm.

She shook her head. “Like he's gonna dig another pit!”

Farq's eyes went impossibly wide. “Oh shit!”

From the battlefield, Duo's voice rang out. “Do not threaten me, you sorry excuse for a fuckwit Wizard! I out-rank your damn ass!”

The Wizard drew back as if to point her wand at him.

The spectators hit the ground, Farq whining, “Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap...”

Ovalia landed almost on top of Ctik, bearing him down with her considerable weight, and shielding him from the blast zone. Time seemed to slow for several long moments and then the Wizard... vanished. Duo staggered backwards and collapsed in a heap.

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