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Aug. 9th, 2008 08:43 pm
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I've had a number of questions about this one... It's in progress, I swear! See?! Just... really, reeeeeeally slowly. ^___^

Chibi Problem – Part 33

BabyDoll strutted around the table, where the others gathered, like a little field marshal, twirling his scythe and showing off. The rest of the group obligingly displayed their weapons as well.

The Marines had to get closer looks at the armament. The heeros and wufeis were particularly eager to show off, although the duos were right there with their scythes. The quatres and trowas generally carry smaller, more close-in weapons, but any of them have been known to whip out a grenade launcher if sufficiently annoyed. Thousand Yard Stare and Gnaws On Ankles were both a big hit with their miniature rocket launcher and dam dao. Seduces Humans pulled a cuddle-me and refused to leave my shoulder. One of the Marines reached out to touch him and got a quick slice on the back of his hand. Gunny growled at him about listening to warnings after that. He didn't seem upset, more in awe that such a tiny creature could do such a thing.

It didn’t take long before Mike had joined the group and they began debating the merits of the various weapons. Shawn took off to play with the other kids as a designated ‘watcher’, as in ‘watch out for the little kids’. Several of the Chibis went with, also with instructions to watch out for everyone.

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