Jul. 23rd, 2012 01:08 pm
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So, a few weeks ago, I was on a writing roll! ^___^ I was thrilled! I had visions of several new BFB parts, maybe a couple of one-shots, and maybe even (*gasp!*) some new Chibi.

And then the renovations arrived at my building. >.< For over two weeks, we've been subjected to hammering, power saws, yelling, air wrenches and impact hammers, excavation equipment, jack hammering, pick axes, more shouting, no water at unexpected moments and cheery little door notes from the management reminding us of how *wonderful!* it will all be when it's done. *sigh*

Did I mention the hammering?

Needless to say, my roll developed a limp, then threw a couple of shoes, broke a leg and finally had to be put out of its misery. It is currently being butchered in hopes of saving something. >.<

And last week, I had a serious major migraine for the first time in years. *headdesk*

So... Sorry for the update lack. I'm trying, but the universe is just fucking me sideways right now.

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Yeah, not dead yet. Still recovering, though, and in full WTF?! mode about a million different things. ^___^

This one just caught my eye - how in the hell can we write fanfiction without triggering this?! O_O I just hope DHS enjoys the ficage... ^____^



Dec. 12th, 2011 11:27 am
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Mind where you're walking... O_O Especially in NZ!

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I swear, I am working on fic, but with stuff like this distracting me, it's hard. O_o

This would probably be of interest mostly to people who know and/or do chemistry. I don't, but I learned a lot of scary chemistry-ish things when working for a nutritional supplement company, and this run of blog posts is just fascinating. ^___^ Not to mention that the writer is deliciously dry.

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I have no great hope that this will actually post, but just in case... >_> It just took 20 minutes to make less than a dozen replies and each one had me holding my breath that it would actually go through. *sigh* Apologies for such a long delay. I really hate it when a DDoS coincides with my person wibbles. >.< Sorry, all.



Jul. 17th, 2011 11:48 pm
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What can I say? It's been a sucking fucky month. >.< BUT! I haz amusement. ^___^


My estimate came in at 34,700. Not exactly tippy-top, but better than I expected. ^___^

just stuff

Jun. 6th, 2011 10:43 am
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Yeah, yeah, I know: Where the hell is the fic?! >_> Well, I'd have some if the freaking hamsters would get off their damn wheels and just cooperate. >.<

Instead, I have this... I've seen this guy's Ted Talks and he's really cool, so anyone who maybe needs to refresh or get a head start on something might find his vids helpful. I'll be starting with the basics, like adding and subtracting. *snicker* After I check out the American History section. I do not think Someone was paying attention in her history classes all those years ago and I feel the snarky urge to double-check. ~____^



Jun. 2nd, 2011 12:36 pm
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Now I feel deprived! All I ever got to ride were ponies and bicycles! Good thing my parents are both dead or they'd have some 'splainin' to do. >.<

demotivational posters - Ponies
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I once wanted to be a teacher. >_< For all of you who actually are... my condolences for the stupidity of government.

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Just a fun thing today... For anyone who has had to sit through PowerPoint presentations unarmed...


I'm pretty sure at least one of these will look familiar to someone. ^___^


Apr. 13th, 2011 08:39 am
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For the geek in all of us...

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Well, whatever is going on with LJ (the DDoS attack?) it will not let me reply to comments. Or at least that's what it's telling me. *bleh* We'll see if it will allow posting. If so, and you commented to anything recently, I'll keep trying. O.o

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It's Monday and I am cranky again. I'm not sure why that would ever be a surprise. ^___^

Crankiness today stems from not being able to find a pattern that I've been searching for for ages. This is a sewing pattern, Butterick to be precise. I only buy sewing patterns when the local Joann's has a special dollar/two dollar each deal and this one has eluded me for almost two years. >.< I'm fairly sure that if I want to waste some fabric and rip out some hair, I could probably kludge the things myself, but for a couple of bucks (on special) why not save the fabric and the stress? Except... every time I go looking for the damn thing, the store is out. Crumps. Not in the usual pattern-has-been-discontinued manner, but in the super-annoying sure-we-have-a-tab-in-the-drawer-but-*you'll*-never-get-one way. >_< I feel like I'm hunting some impossibly rare animal; I keep seeing the spoor, but the animal itself is waaay elusive. It's not yet extinct, but I fear it will be before I can find the bloody thing! O_o

Isn't it amazing the things that set me off? ^___^ Better to be mad about a paper sewing pattern than judging sniper posts, though. I do have the edges and the curves that my mom used for designing and I've always got paper and pencils around, so one day I will reach a point of fury and just make my own damn pattern. And then my kid will expect me to design stuff for him... O.o Oh, dear... I should probably search harder for that pattern... >_>

Knitting and crocheting designs are so much easier, and so much easier to fix! ^____^

If you haven't already scuttled past me to the fic, do so now; shoo! ^___~

BFB – Part 103 – Crazy is as Crazy Does )


Mar. 18th, 2011 09:19 pm
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I got an anonymous Japan relief gift... Thank you, whomever you are! ^___^

I know someone currently living in Japan; fortunately, she is way south of Tokyo. I know other people who have lived there in the past, further north, maybe nearer the center of the disaster. I hope that their friends and families are safe.

The saddest thing right now, in American news, is to see Charlie Sheen getting more coverage that a disaster of epic proportions. O.O I am ashamed.

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My usual mode of filling downtime is to post a funny link or a LOLcat photo, but today, it's just a random not-even-a-rant about the decline of civilization. *sigh* Yeah, yeah; I know.... BOR-ing! Most probably. That's why there are cuts. ^____~

ranty crap )
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I love David Thorne. ^____^

And this entry is so accurate regarding 'cool sports' snobs. ^____^

Oh, put down the food and drinks first. ^_~



Feb. 2nd, 2011 09:08 am
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I am still laughing... ^______^

Warning! Violence. *snork!*



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