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Ah, spring, when a scammer's devious little mind turns to new frauds. The USPS deals with both snail mail and e-mail fraud. I recommend bookmarking the Postal Inspector's site and checking it now and then. My RM got something from one of the current frauds and really wasn't sure whether it was legit or not. Turns out not, of course. ^___^

Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. ^___^ And especially keep an eye out for older relatives. Your 80-year old grandma might not recognize a slick fraud.
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In case anyone has kids who are into these things...
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Another short one, I'm afraid. ^.o

And a random bit of useless, but interesting information, 'on the ground' in my area. ^___^

One of our local high schools (frequently known affectionately as "cowpie high" since it was built of the site of a former dairy) has just been closed for two weeks in an effort to disrupt the transmission cycle of the H1N1/2009 flu. I'm starting to think that my city could actually be run by some pragmatists. O.o Wow. I hope it works. Another interesting possibility is that people born before 1957 could possibly have a bit of immunity to the current flu, as it is a variant of an older strain that mutated back in the day. Being a *very* old dragon, this makes me smile. Sounds like a case of 'old age and treachery trumping youth and enthusiasm'.

Seriously; do eat, rest and stay healthy, so that whatever virus you come across is powerless against your immune-fu. ^___^

BTW, more recent tracing of the initial cases of the current flu indicate that it started in California, and was taken to Mexico from whence it spread. ^___^ Y'all be sure and avoid those Californians now; hear?


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random PSA

Feb. 6th, 2009 01:07 pm
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Just a little public service announcement about magazine solicitors. I live in SoCal where the weather is decent at the moment, so all the door-knock scammers are out and about.

My RM is a serial accomodater; he can't say no to those people. So, last night, he got suckered into $160 worth of magazines by some guys from a company called Love Technologies Inc, out of Golden, Colorado.

Here is a Complaint Board page on them.

Remember: Unless you have more money than Quatre Winner and don't care where it goes, just SAY NO to any of these people. The RM is hoping to catch his checks in time to stop them, but it'll cost him for stopping the checks. And he'll probably be in for months of threats from the scammers.

If you don't know, *personally*, the person peddling the whatever-it-is (like niece/nephew/cousin/neighbor), release the hounds. >_< That is all.


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