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My Saturnalia gift to all. ^___^ Who knows when I'll be back with fic. O.^ With luck, and a stable internet, maybe in a month.

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Here we go! This part (104 that is) is almost done! Wooohooooo!

BFB – Part 104 – Freaky )
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Last week was one of "those" weeks. >.< The kind that screws up your life *and* costs money. Car problems again. *sigh* All fixed now and my baby is running better than in years. ^___^ I guess that's worth it. That's what available credit is for. ^__^

This week won't suck near as much, but I am coming down with a head cold. I hate summer ick. It always seems that much worse than having the ick in the winter. >_> Like a personal thing.

Oh, hey, like my new icon? That's my new big guy. ^__^ The old big guy is still with me, but this guy is nearly twice his size. O.O Big Kitty is Big!

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Aaaannnnnd.... Here we are again. ^___^ Wasn't sure I could do this today; my internet connection is being pouty. I dunno, maybe it's the heat. Although, we're only supposed to be 96 today. That's not bad, right? ^___O There's even a 1% chance of rain! And it's Friday!

So anyway, here you go. ^___^

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If I mention that it had entirely escaped my mind that I do have bits of this to post, would anyone show up with flaming torches? Just wondering. ^___^

I can only plead massive terminal distraction, like the 25# cat who oozes under the sofa, the 10# cat who scared a dog, the 18# cat with the droopy tail and mostly the truck that decided to run a fever. O.O All finally adjusted to or repaired, and the brain casually says "Yo, what about some new Banshee?" First reaction was "Do I have any?" Then I opened the file. *facepalm* Yup. I haz some. So... see below. ^___^

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Almost let myself go into another "is she dead or what?!" lapse. O_o I don't seem to care for winter much anymore; I get all hibernate-ish and don't like leaving the house or my computer. >_> Not that I get much done on it, sadly.

I haz a new kitty! He is a lovely striped tom tabby. He has excellent manners and seems to love sleeping on top of me. Or maybe he's just holding his spot until the ice cream shows up. ^___^ The other cats are getting along/not hissing at him after six weeks, so it's all good now. Even the old girl seems to understand that he's not at all combative. She had eight years of having to avoid Tekko; I guess the notion of not being attacked is pretty weird for her. No mutual head-washing yet, but that's coming. ^__^ The big guy has found a playmate and they sleep together and rough-house and do the head-washing thing. Still trying to get some pics of him; he does the usual "what is that? can I see? what does it do?" with the camera. I have some great shots of his nose. ^__^

Three cats in the house and all is balanced again. ^__^

So, a bit more of soon-to-be really pissed-off Duo.

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I honestly didn't realize how long it's been since I posted something new. Damn. May. Crap. I guess I can blame it on being a parent - kitty parent, that is. The old girl has popped some thyroid trouble and that used up a couple of months making sure the meds worked. Then, just as I was relaxing - pro tip: never relax; Murphy is waiting - the youngest cat, my snapping snarling little buzz saw of attitude, suddenly wasn't doing well. Vet trip, diagnosis, treatment and finally euthanasia. It happened within a week. She had kidney failure. O_O Needless to say, the whole thing is just barely beginning to sink in. The whole house is still in WTF?! mode and I'm still doing the random crying thing. *sigh* Still look for her at the door when I come in, still reach for her on my pillow at zero-dark-thirty. The other two seem equally confused. Old girl checks all her usual spots and then yowls at me. Big Guy has lost his playmate and is being kinda cranky. And my credit card balance has reached "horrifying".

I'm trolling the shelters for another cat, but there are so many... and at heart, I am a crazy cat lady. It's tough to pick just one.

Apart from my seasonal angst, the world is still turning.

Hope you enjoy. ^___^

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My, what a lovely month we've had. Or not. Fires all over the county at mid-month, aided and abetted by the santana winds. >.< Bleh. All gods love the fire fighters, local, out of area and CalFire and the US Forestry Service. My end of town got flamed a few years ago, so there isn't much brush to fuel a fire, but I expect we'll get something this season. Dammit.

Anyway, enjoy! And, uh, the length of time it takes for me to reply to comments has nothing to do with the commentariat; it's all me and my scattered neurons. Thanks for putting up with me. *hugs*

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Sooo... Yeah, I am still alive. Most of the time anyway. ^__^ Big news is... New Banshee! *listens to the crickets* Okay, so it's Big for me, at least. It means my brain may have come unstuck. Ooooooh! I can only hope.

BFB - Part 104 - Freaky

BFB - Part 104 - Freaky )
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I'm almost scared to post this... O.O It's been less than a month - I don't want anyone keeling over from the shock. ^___^

Quatre apparently blinked because I am back on track with no backchat from him. ^___^ I have high hopes for the next post.

BFB – Part 104 – Freaky )
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Here we go with something new. (OMG!!! Holy crap!!!) Yeah, I'm kind of surprised myself... ^___^

As an excuse, I've had nothing but interruptions for the past two months. And when I wasn't being interrupted, my characters were rewriting their damn scripts. >.< I swear, there are times when I want to smack the shit out of Quatre Winner with a large stick. Contrary little fucker. >_>

Anyway... we finally reached a bit of detente, for this part, at least. Stay tuned to see if I write him a damn death scene in retaliation. =P

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I know - who am I and why am I posting here?! Damned if I know for sure, but I feel like a great weight has lifted. ^____^ This makes me want to tackle the 'new' lj. So, y'know, if this shows up looking screwy, I haven't finished figuring out what's changed.

Sure, I could go look up the new stuff, but where's the fun in that? ^_o

Here goes...

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Soooo... Let's see how this works out... I'm trying out the .odt thing in Open Office. Hopefully it is not lying in wait to chew on my ankle. ^___^

Just as an aside to pretty much everything, receiving a mental health diagnosis from a real doctor goes a long way toward dispelling the notion of being carted away by the big men in the white coats. I'm not crazy! I really am crazy! Um... Disturbed? Or... challenged? O_o Whatever. I have a diagnosis! Bite me! ^___^

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*big sigh* Once again the real world over-rides the fun world... I hate when that happens... Especially as it seems to involve more paperwork than I thought even existed. >_> I'm almost afraid to check my snail mail these days. Who knew that having a happy could give you writers' cramp? ^___o

Anyway... A tiny bit of new fic... after the rant. ^____^ You can skip the rant; it's just been nagging on the edges of my mind for a while and this morning just punted me right over the edge. ^___~

here be aged grumbling )

Yeah, I know: Pissy dragon is pissy. >_< So would you be, if you were just about to apply Advantage to a squirming and highly pissed off cat when the knock on the door sounded and sent the pissed off cat straight up the wall, across the ceiling and into hiding. And wasted $10 worth of flea killer. If another group knocks on my door today, I'm getting the vinegar spray.

BFB – Part 104 – Freaky  )

I have so many emails and comments I need to answer and I'm still pissed. >.< Crap. Lovely. The cat wounds are bleeding again. *sigh*
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I haz a happy! ^____^ So you get some happy, too!

BFB – Part 104 – Freaky  )
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Sometimes you just have to know when to throw in the towel. O.o My characters have gotten the bit between their sturdy little teeth and are now running headlong in a direction (or directions) I had not expected. O_O Because of that, I have waved my white flag and ended Part 103 with the last post. We are now moving on to Part 104. I do hope this one will not be as long, for all of our sake, but mostly for Ami. Poor girl is running out of alphabet and that's totally my fault. Hope this helps. ^____^

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