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From the spectacular T-shirt,, Heero and Duo and the koi. ^_____^

...and - hopefully! - the animated version! (if it's not animated, then I probably did something wrong and maybe T-shirt will post it?)

Just to make her feathers ruffle, the Bird had a hand in this. ^___^ (O)(O)(O)(O)(O) to both of you!

Thank you!
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I was wondering the other day when it would start getting hot around here. >_< Yeah. Exactly. Today was hot. Teach me to start wondering when the djinn of Worse is hanging about.

Anyway, some BFB written in between yarn stuff.

And speaking of yarn stuff... I have trouble keeping track of needle and hooks. I make an effort to put them away after use, but sometimes I'm in a rush *rolls eyes* and 'put away' becomes 'putting it right here just for a minute'. We all know how well that works, for anything. So, anyway, I got an idea to use some really nifty yarn, of which I had only one skein, to make some kind of seriously convenient needle and hook holder. Aside from the cool yarn, it ain't pretty, but I think it will work and right now that's the important thing. Maybe I'll get pics once it's all together. ^___^ Thanks Sunny, for the assistance. ^__~

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In a sort of crafty-geeky way, that is. ^____^

Back here to avoid boring anyone who doesn't wallow in yarn at every opportunity )

And down here we have more BFB. Oddly enough, I think I want a pet demon. O_o;;

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...and a bit of... 'stuff'. >_> Skip the 'rant' if you have perfect children...

rant )

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Another short one, I'm afraid. ^.o

And a random bit of useless, but interesting information, 'on the ground' in my area. ^___^

One of our local high schools (frequently known affectionately as "cowpie high" since it was built of the site of a former dairy) has just been closed for two weeks in an effort to disrupt the transmission cycle of the H1N1/2009 flu. I'm starting to think that my city could actually be run by some pragmatists. O.o Wow. I hope it works. Another interesting possibility is that people born before 1957 could possibly have a bit of immunity to the current flu, as it is a variant of an older strain that mutated back in the day. Being a *very* old dragon, this makes me smile. Sounds like a case of 'old age and treachery trumping youth and enthusiasm'.

Seriously; do eat, rest and stay healthy, so that whatever virus you come across is powerless against your immune-fu. ^___^

BTW, more recent tracing of the initial cases of the current flu indicate that it started in California, and was taken to Mexico from whence it spread. ^___^ Y'all be sure and avoid those Californians now; hear?


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For once I do not feel like sleeping through this day. Wow. O.o

Or maybe it's because I have good stuff to accomplish today. I know that always makes for a better Monday. ^____^ So, let's see what Duo is accomplishing.

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I'd like to know who got our spring. >_< We are due another two months before summer, but somehow it's already here. Damn. Much as I like being employed, I really am glad that this job is ending, before I spontaneously combust from being in the sun in temps over 90. Not funny, nature. >_>

So, more BFB. ^____^

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I've been working! Yay! Employment! Paycheck! ^____^ Unfortunately, it'll probably be finished in a few weeks, but for now... I am productive and relevent. Except... my feet hurt... >_>

Also, I just got my computer back from a spring cleaning. He's real spiffy now; all the virii are history. ^___^ I think I'll do this every year, whether he needs it or not, just to keep on top of stuff. It's a little embarrassing, though, to realise how much I love my computer. O_o

Got a short bit of BFB here. Really short, I'm afraid. O.O I'm hoping to get some writing done this weekend, so maybe there will be more by Sunday or Monday. ^____^

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I feel like I should have more to post today, but if I start free-forming, it's going to turn into a rant. O.o Don't have quite enough energy for that right now. Instead, you get a bit more of Ctik. ^__~ Not nearly as cool or interesting as Lestat or Twilight, I'm sure, but probably more the norm among vamps. ^____^

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Antsy seems to be good for fic. ^___^ We'll see how long that lasts. >_>

More BFB. Just a bit of boring conversation, really. ^__~

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Due to the recent acquisition of a new 'muse animal', Part 101 is finally finished! I know; Holy crap! Damn part is nearly 15K words. So, it's fitting that it be posted on the last day of the year. ^___^

This is technically the second half of the part; I posted the first half... somewhere down there *waves hand*, due to the many little partlets and figured I should do the same for the second half. Happy reading. ^____~

Next up will be some ii kibarashi or the start on part 102 or maybe something from totally out in left field. Depends on the muse animal. O.o

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It's a good thing my comp has that date/time thing down in the corner... >_> It looks like Sunday... O.o

So, posting some new words here... Short, unfortunately. O.O

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I thought it might be good to post some fic. O.O Wow. What a concept. >_>

One project went over well, so now I must bound into another. ^___^ And I have found a wonderful source for foofy novelty yarn at not much money. Yay! ^.o

So, a bit more of The Haircut bit. Maybe something else tomorrow? O_O;; We'll see...

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The shopping scene is bizarre this year. The parking lots are stuffed, but damned if I can figure out where all the shoppers are. O.O They sure weren't in the stores we were in... >_> But that's probably a good thing for me. ^__^

Anyway, something a bit more substantial than coma-inducing cuteness. ^___^

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This is NOT the finish of Part 101, but it is the finish of the trip to New York. Yes, I know; the Part has grown to epic proportions. I'm not sure how that happened... although, I have been reading Ion again, so maybe Sunny's plot bunnies have been talking to my plot bunnies. O.o Giving them ideas... >_>

In any case, a bit more of BFB. ^___^ Up next time: The Haircut. O_o

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I finished another on-line application. *headdesk* At least this one didn't send me off with a canned "Thank you; you do not meet our requirements at this time." Everything is so freaking tight around here right now... I'm about to apply at Arco or 7-11. For a night shift. O.o

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The water district is outside fixing the hydrant. They have a pump, a jackhammer, an endloader, several sledgehammers and about six people in hardhats. And noise. Constant, unremitting noise since 0900 this morning. *headdesk* But at least it's getting fixed. ^___^ My Akachan is at the repair place getting spiffed up again and I have a rental. I had to run out and move it this morning when they started setting up. O_O I had a horrible vision of some other part of the pipes exploding and killing the rental. O_o Don't need that happening; thanks. >_>

The writing urge has been kind of absent lately; stress, probably. But the craftiness has been in full swing. O.o Lions and tigers and bunnies; oh my! ^____^

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Sorry; family crisis. >_<

Bit more of BFB. Maybe something else later. I have an interview workshop tomorrow and an interview on Wednesday, so I'm a bit... twitchy. O_o Enough so that I am popping peanut butter M&Ms... >_> Bad dragon; BAD!

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but close enough, I hope. ^_____^

I've wrung out the carpets again and the towels are drying, so I thought I'd celebrate that tiny accomplishment. Hey, I'll take my victories where I can find them and whatever size. ^.o

So, some more BFB before I go out to joust with the hopelessness of job-hunting. o_^

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Wow! How did I manage that?! O_O Oh, right; existential meltdown. nevermind.... >_>

So, another bit of BFB this time. My fic production was severely impacted by the cat's little meltdown, but now that she seems to be where she belongs, I seem to be getting back on track. This would be a good thing. ^___^ I hate running out of postable fic; makes me feel like a slacker. =p

Hopefully, this is not too late for the Bird. ^__^ Weekend, baby! Put your feet up and veg. (O)(O)(O)(O)(O)

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