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I'm almost scared to post this... O.O It's been less than a month - I don't want anyone keeling over from the shock. ^___^

Quatre apparently blinked because I am back on track with no backchat from him. ^___^ I have high hopes for the next post.

BFB – Part 104 – Freaky )
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Here we go with something new. (OMG!!! Holy crap!!!) Yeah, I'm kind of surprised myself... ^___^

As an excuse, I've had nothing but interruptions for the past two months. And when I wasn't being interrupted, my characters were rewriting their damn scripts. >.< I swear, there are times when I want to smack the shit out of Quatre Winner with a large stick. Contrary little fucker. >_>

Anyway... we finally reached a bit of detente, for this part, at least. Stay tuned to see if I write him a damn death scene in retaliation. =P

BFB – Part 104 – Freaky )
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The hamster has finally been shooed out to entertain the local pitbull, but he left a 'present' in my shoe. O.o



Ho-Ho-Ho )
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Aaaannnnd it just doesn't end! ^___^

S'cuse me; I need to dip the hamster out of the brandy before he manages to get his cigar lit.

Ho-Ho-Ho )
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A little more of my odd brand of holiday cheer... ^____^

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So, I was bitten by a rabid hamster. This is the result. I don't generally 'do' xmas fics, because they usually end up with 'bah! humbug!' This time... Well... Just remember, that hamster was rabid. O_o

Ho-Ho-Ho )
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I know - who am I and why am I posting here?! Damned if I know for sure, but I feel like a great weight has lifted. ^____^ This makes me want to tackle the 'new' lj. So, y'know, if this shows up looking screwy, I haven't finished figuring out what's changed.

Sure, I could go look up the new stuff, but where's the fun in that? ^_o

Here goes...

BFB Part 104 - Freaky )


Jul. 23rd, 2012 01:08 pm
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So, a few weeks ago, I was on a writing roll! ^___^ I was thrilled! I had visions of several new BFB parts, maybe a couple of one-shots, and maybe even (*gasp!*) some new Chibi.

And then the renovations arrived at my building. >.< For over two weeks, we've been subjected to hammering, power saws, yelling, air wrenches and impact hammers, excavation equipment, jack hammering, pick axes, more shouting, no water at unexpected moments and cheery little door notes from the management reminding us of how *wonderful!* it will all be when it's done. *sigh*

Did I mention the hammering?

Needless to say, my roll developed a limp, then threw a couple of shoes, broke a leg and finally had to be put out of its misery. It is currently being butchered in hopes of saving something. >.<

And last week, I had a serious major migraine for the first time in years. *headdesk*

So... Sorry for the update lack. I'm trying, but the universe is just fucking me sideways right now.

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Sooo... I've been re-reading Sunhawk's "Ion" series - for the second time in two months - thanks to the generosity of the Wizard of all things Technological. I now haz a Nook and the BlackBird was nice enough to load some fic for me. ^___^

Anyway, I was reading and snickering over the house-moving and it kind of rose up and smacked me that I will probably be moving around year-end. In the process of stripping my bookcases to get a headstart on packing, I remembered Duo's declaration that buying a house was such a pain in the butt that he was never moving again. The two things merged and mingled and got watered by some of the kid's coffee, and well... This is the result. ^___^

This isn't meant to be any sort of Ion knock-off, since Sunny does much better dialogue fics and IonDuo is a tougher little shit than my Duo here, but it might be an A/U Duo who has to pack up, pick up and do the house-acquiring thing all over again. Oh, I also remembered some of my most hideous moves. >.< Been trying to forget those for years; obviously didn't work.

In any case... here it is. Sap, but I hate moving. >_>

Moving On )
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Soooo... Let's see how this works out... I'm trying out the .odt thing in Open Office. Hopefully it is not lying in wait to chew on my ankle. ^___^

Just as an aside to pretty much everything, receiving a mental health diagnosis from a real doctor goes a long way toward dispelling the notion of being carted away by the big men in the white coats. I'm not crazy! I really am crazy! Um... Disturbed? Or... challenged? O_o Whatever. I have a diagnosis! Bite me! ^___^

BFB – Part 104 – Freaky )
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Yeah, not dead yet. Still recovering, though, and in full WTF?! mode about a million different things. ^___^

This one just caught my eye - how in the hell can we write fanfiction without triggering this?! O_O I just hope DHS enjoys the ficage... ^____^
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*big sigh* Once again the real world over-rides the fun world... I hate when that happens... Especially as it seems to involve more paperwork than I thought even existed. >_> I'm almost afraid to check my snail mail these days. Who knew that having a happy could give you writers' cramp? ^___o

Anyway... A tiny bit of new fic... after the rant. ^____^ You can skip the rant; it's just been nagging on the edges of my mind for a while and this morning just punted me right over the edge. ^___~

here be aged grumbling )

Yeah, I know: Pissy dragon is pissy. >_< So would you be, if you were just about to apply Advantage to a squirming and highly pissed off cat when the knock on the door sounded and sent the pissed off cat straight up the wall, across the ceiling and into hiding. And wasted $10 worth of flea killer. If another group knocks on my door today, I'm getting the vinegar spray.

BFB – Part 104 – Freaky  )

I have so many emails and comments I need to answer and I'm still pissed. >.< Crap. Lovely. The cat wounds are bleeding again. *sigh*
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I haz a happy! ^____^ So you get some happy, too!

BFB – Part 104 – Freaky  )
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Sometimes you just have to know when to throw in the towel. O.o My characters have gotten the bit between their sturdy little teeth and are now running headlong in a direction (or directions) I had not expected. O_O Because of that, I have waved my white flag and ended Part 103 with the last post. We are now moving on to Part 104. I do hope this one will not be as long, for all of our sake, but mostly for Ami. Poor girl is running out of alphabet and that's totally my fault. Hope this helps. ^____^

BFB – Part 104 – Freaky )
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A little something for the holidays... ^___^

The cast of this fic has decided to lead me around the mulberry bush a few times, so the next bit may be a while in coming. >_> Fortunately, this is a little longer than usual. ^___^

BFB – Part 103 – Crazy is as Crazy Does )


Dec. 12th, 2011 11:27 am
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Mind where you're walking... O_O Especially in NZ!
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FIC!!! Just so's you know.... ^____^ And I shall not bore anyone with tales from the Week of "Interesting" Things. *snerkle*

I will, however, say Thank You! to the lovely art maven who corrected my abysmal art cluelessness. Any remaining cluelessness in this part is a result of me not being coherent enough to educate Duo. ^___^ (and the photos are just amazing!)

BFB – Part 103 – Crazy is as Crazy Does )
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I swear, I am working on fic, but with stuff like this distracting me, it's hard. O_o

This would probably be of interest mostly to people who know and/or do chemistry. I don't, but I learned a lot of scary chemistry-ish things when working for a nutritional supplement company, and this run of blog posts is just fascinating. ^___^ Not to mention that the writer is deliciously dry.


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