Jun. 27th, 2016

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Oops. Almost forgot to add my plea for forgiveness. June has been totally one of *those* months. I just took a look at my posting and realized I was up a creek without a keyboard once again. With any luck - even mine - July will be better. ^__^

Chibi Problem — Part 33

About twenty minutes later, there was a commotion a ways up the beach. When I looked up, I saw some older kids bouncing around with a Nerf football. They weren’t being particularly careful where they were going and knocked over someone’s cooler, spilling ice on the sand. The juvenile currently perched on my bag immediately took notice.

He looked over at me and I made a shooing motion. “Yeah, sure. Go check on that.” He bounded off eagerly.

I watched as one of the kids pulled some bills out of a pocket and handed them to the cooler’s owner. He seemed to be apologizing for spilling the ice, so I settled back.

I should have kept an eye on them, it seemed, when there was an eruption of yelling and screaming from our group of kids a few minutes later. I stood up in time to see the castle that our group had been working on exploding into a shower of sand.

Shawn yelled; the oldest girl screamed. The little ones shrieked and began to cry as the group of boys thundered through their playing area, laughing and making no effort to watch where they were going. Shawn went after one of the guys and another one pushed him down. The largest of the marauders grabbed our girl and made as if to kiss her, and got slammed in the face by a dive-bombing duo.

Suddenly, the scene was littered with Chibis, all in mission-mode. The little kids were herded quickly away, while the intruders fell to lashing out at anyone they could reach. Our girl – I really needed to get her name – smacked one bully with a plastic shovel and he pushed her down and tried to kick her. A Chibi ran up his leg and smacked him in the face with the flat side of a dam dao. Two boys were throwing sand and kicking at Shawn who had wrapped himself around the leg of one. A group of quatres and trowas were converging on them.

Marines were charging in from all directions, and it was pretty clear that the bullies weren’t going to escape. Mothers began collecting the little kids and checking for injuries. I dropped my yarn and headed for the action.

The kid who had originally grabbed for our girl was on the ground, moaning and clutching his face, blood seeping around his fingers. Another kid was also on the ground, this one clutching his crotch. That made me blink; Chibis go for the balls? Wow. Who knew? The other three boys were quickly folding under pressure from our side. Just as reinforcements arrived, the sand-thrower went down, burying his face in the sand and covering his head with his arms as half a dozen Chibis, all screeching their particular war-cries, ran right up on top of him.

Mike grabbed the kid Shawn was clinging to and Shawn let go and rolled away. The lifeguards pulled up on their ATVs. I saw an MP pulling into the parking lot. The other Marines had the rest of the boys collected in a group, although the father of our girl looked like he’d prefer a much more private setting, since he had the kissing bandit by a hunk of hair and didn’t look like he’d be letting go anytime soon.


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