Feb. 3rd, 2015

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Almost let myself go into another "is she dead or what?!" lapse. O_o I don't seem to care for winter much anymore; I get all hibernate-ish and don't like leaving the house or my computer. >_> Not that I get much done on it, sadly.

I haz a new kitty! He is a lovely striped tom tabby. He has excellent manners and seems to love sleeping on top of me. Or maybe he's just holding his spot until the ice cream shows up. ^___^ The other cats are getting along/not hissing at him after six weeks, so it's all good now. Even the old girl seems to understand that he's not at all combative. She had eight years of having to avoid Tekko; I guess the notion of not being attacked is pretty weird for her. No mutual head-washing yet, but that's coming. ^__^ The big guy has found a playmate and they sleep together and rough-house and do the head-washing thing. Still trying to get some pics of him; he does the usual "what is that? can I see? what does it do?" with the camera. I have some great shots of his nose. ^__^

Three cats in the house and all is balanced again. ^__^

So, a bit more of soon-to-be really pissed-off Duo.

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