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New year, new resolve. Yeah, we'll see how far that gets me. O.o In the meantime, enjoy. I hope. ^__^

BFB – Part 105 – Satisfaction

How very... anticlimactic? I expected tears or arguing, which I guess she did with the 'daddy' comment, but seriously.

I blinked and looked around. “So... What happens now?”

“Well,” began Q, “I wait for her father to call me and demand to know why I've terminated his precious darling daughter, and then I give him a detailed list of her infractions and remind him that I warned him about this over a year ago. Cranky Badger will have an intern box up her desk and send it to her address – that reminds me, ask Trowa if he might step down for a few minutes to make sure it all fits in one box.” He glanced at me as Cranky Badger rolled her eyes. “Yes, I've seen her desk.”

“Huh. I was expecting more... fireworks after yesterday. She went off on me like you wouldn't believe.”

“That's because you were essentially alone when you confronted her. Ms Wildomar does not have a good relationship with non-humans,” smirked Cranky Badger. “Thinks they are somehow beneath her.” She shrugged. “The girl's a fool.”

“The girl's never come up against me,” snorted Heero.

The coffee-acquiring intern appeared at Cranky Badger's desk. “Oh, Nathaniel; good. Please pack up Ms Wildomar's desk. She's leaving us. Trowa Barton will be down shortly to assist, if needed. One box only.”

“Yes Ma'am!”

“Trowa will be here in five minutes,” said Heero, putting his phone away. “He looks forward to helping and would love a Starbucks, if it's not too much trouble.”

Cranky Badger snickered. “I'll send Nathaniel; he sounds a bit overwhelmed by the project anyway. Trowa still drinks the caramel frappes?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied. “With a bit of chocolate on top.”

“Done and done.”

She got up from her desk and went to rescue her intern, who was making small noises of distress. Once again we all smiled at the “Yes Ma'am!” as he got the fuck out of the area. I guess being a go-fer was preferable to being alone with the bitch's personal effects.

“Come along; our job is done here,” smirked Heero.

“So soon?!” I mock whined. “I never got my chance to laugh at her.”

“I'll make it up to you at lunch.”

“Well... Okay,” I sighed.

And we left.

I really was disappointed that the fireworks never happened. I could still call Ovalia and Farq, though. They'd enjoy knowing that she wasn't just moved, but fired.

I made my call as soon as we got back to the office. Ovalia was understandably annoyed at not getting to hear about fireworks, but I commiserated with her. Farq was still feeding his animals, she said, and asked if it was alright for her to give him the news. I didn't see why she shouldn't, so I okayed that. Ctik would have to wait until late afternoon to hear the news.

Thinking of the vampire, I remembered that I still had a job to finish at his house, as well as telling his family that he had a place to live now.

I changed out of my drag into jeans and a tee-shirt and grabbed my bag from under my desk.

“See you guys later,” I called to the office in general. “I'll be at Ctik's house. The packing should be about finished and Gisela wanted the Pumas to shift a small amount of personal effects to her new place.”

“Oh, she did find a place?” asked Tiffany. “I wondered if she'd be able to; short notice, you know.”

“It's in a different town, but it was a friend of a friend of a friend thing.”

“Ah. Tell her we wish her well; it certainly can't have been easy to deal with so much in such a short time.”

“Will do, Tiff. Oh, I left Heero a note, as well as voice mail, so he should know where I am.”

'Should', I thought to myself, but where I am concerned, Heero often seems to roar first and ask questions never. Heh. Silly Dragon.

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