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I've gotta stop setting goals for myself. Every time I do, I end up blowing them to hell and gone. >.< So, yeah, only about two weeks late with this, but I kinda have an excuse, due to Real Life crap. Or not. Okay, mostly a touch of writers' block. Seems to be lifting now - knock on wood products - so we'll see how it goes. ^__^

At least the weather is somewhat cooler - false autumn before one last punch from summer. Cooler weather and non-winter is good. ^__~

Anyway, we have arrived at Duo's showdown with the minder. ^__^

BFB – Part 105 – Satisfaction

I slept like a log that night. Probably helped a lot that Heero gave me more than a bit of exercise. Mustn't forget the beer, either.

Heero muttered something about the sleep of the righteous, but I ignored him. I had to meet Q at 0700 to storm the Probation Department. I even dressed in my most flamboyant Banshee drag. I wanted that vile woman to know exactly who she'd been arguing with. Hopefully, it would scare her for the future.

I mentioned that to Heero when he whistled at my legs. He seemed to think she wouldn't recognize a Magical Creature if one bit her on the ass, so I asked if Heero could come with. He laughed and said he'd be more than happy to take a chunk out of her if he felt she asked for it. He dressed normally, though. He doesn't need fancy clothing when he can turn into a Dragon at an instants' notice.

I wasn't the only one to go for over-the-top formality; Q showed up in the hallway outside of the office wearing the most glittery, glowy, sparkly and brocade-y costume ever.

“You've been raiding the costume room for the Thousand and One Arabian Nights film,” I laughed and he preened a bit.

“Belonged to my mother's grandfather, actually. I really prefer cleaner lines, but we're here to make a point, as well as to take a flame-thrower to someone's ass. I will not tolerate such gross and deliberate insubordination,” he growled.

I was a little surprised to see Cranky Badger in the office. She greeted us with a sigh and a smile.

“Sorry she was such a pain in the ass, and that you couldn't get a hold of me. Family crisis,” she finished sourly. “She's scheduled for 0800 today, but she's usually late. Care for some coffee?”

We all answered in the affirmative and she motioned to an intern, who promptly vanished. Heero raised an eyebrow and Cranky Badger said, “You didn't think I would give you the abomination that drips into our coffee pot, did you? He's picking up my Starbucks order.”

I snickered. I like Cranky Badger.

“So,” she began with a sigh, “What's the plan?”

“Ah, I believe I will simply read her termination notice and wait for her to respond,” Q said slyly. “I am sure she will respond in an inappropriate manner, aren't you?”

“She certainly doesn't seem to care how or even if she does her job.”

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