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Wow! I got it posted in the correct month! OMS, I may have to faint. ^__^ Um... under the a/c vent, of course.

The next part may take a little longer to post. Been having a bit of selective writers' block. Brain wants to work on BFB. *shrugs* I'm trying to subtly wrestle it back to Chibi, but we're once again doing the one or two sentences thing. Damn thing never wants to cooperate.

Chibi 033

Since the authorities were present, I called my Chibis back. As they flowed around the feet of the crowd, one of them delivered a sharp smack to the leg of the boy who had initially shoved Shawn down.

Shawn was being gentlemanly and offering his hand to the older girl, to pull her to her feet. I turned that direction and my Chibis turned with me.

“You guys okay?” I asked.

Shawn tossed his head in a proto-macho swagger. “Yeah! I’m fine!” He had a couple of sand-scrapes, but nothing a little peroxide wouldn’t cure. He was also a little out of breath.

The girl sighed. “I guess I’m okay. What a bunch of losers! As if I would ever let dumb-ass Ryan kiss me!” The duo that had taken out ‘dumb-ass Ryan’ fluttered over to settle carefully on her shoulder and trill in her ear. She shrugged. “He didn’t even get close. Thanks.” She grinned at the duo.

“Good. Do you know them?”

“I know Ryan, sort of. He’s in a couple of my classes at school. He’s a jerk.”

I snickered, watching the MPs start sorting everyone out. “Is that your dad?”

She looked and rolled her eyes. “He’s so protective! I keep telling him I can take care of myself!”

“How old are you, again?”

“Almost thirteen.”

“Just an FYI; he’s gonna be protective of you for at least another ten years. It’s what fathers do.”

She rolled her eyes again. “I’ve been in martial arts classes since I was four; I really can defend myself against an idiot like Ryan.” She huffed in her dad’s direction.

“My dad says even if girls can take care of themselves, they shouldn’t have to if there’s a man around,” interjected Shawn. He wilted a bit under her glare. “I mean girls should be protected… Um… Wait. Guys should be gentlemen.” He glanced at me with an ‘I’m just digging myself in deeper, aren’t I?’ look.

I laughed. “You should quit now, Shawn. Your dad is right; it’s very gentlemanly to step in when you see someone being rude.” The next generation of Wonder Woman did not look convinced. “It’s also very womanly for a female to do the same. What’s your name, hon?”

She sighed heavily. “Tamara Magruder,” she muttered.

“Okay, Tam; here’s the deal. Guys tend to be protective of the females in their lives; wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends. It’s just the way they’re wired. You might as well learn to live with it.” She opened her mouth to argue, but I held up my hand. “Not wallow in it, or even depend on it; just live with it.” I gestured to the Chibis that surrounded us.

“These guys are protective of all their gundam-mates; they consider me part of the gundam, so they’re protective of me. You don’t resent that they helped you out today, do you?”


“Everybody needs someone to get their back. For today the Chibis and Shawn had your back. Maybe sometime in the future, you’ll have Shawn’s back. That’s what friends do. Got it?”

Tamara nodded reluctantly. Then she stuck out her hand to Shawn. “Thanks, dude. I appreciate the help.”

Shawn looked like someone had smacked him with a trout. He grabbed her hand enthusiastically. “You’re welcome! Anytime!”

“You guys don’t happen to take the same martial arts classes, do you?”

Shawn shook his head. “She’s ahead of me.”

“Maybe you ought to try sparring together; you could be a team.” They both looked thoughtful.

I addressed the Chibis. “Okay guys; we’re gonna have to talk to the MPs and explain you.” Sharp little eyes said that they were ready and eager. I picked out a Quatre and a Trowa and suggested that they stick with Tamara and Shawn. Within seconds each kid had a Chibi on their head.

Tamara froze, wide-eyed, and Shawn laughed. “He won’t poop on your head! Relax!”

The chat with the MP’s went quickly; they'd already talked to the various kids and parents. I just added what I'd seen and explained the Chibis as my “pets” that I was training to be companion animals. The Chibis knew that that was their cover whenever we went out as a flock and didn't seem to mind. The MP's made no attempt to get them off the beach. We were all happy. I also mentioned that I'd seen the boys run through someone else's set-up further up the beach and one of the life guards motored north to see if anyone had any info. I also told the MP that one of the kid's had offered money to replace the spilled ice; no sense adding to the world of hurt that would soon overtake them.

When the kids were being loaded into the cars, we all drifted back to our set-up.

“Any idea how much trouble they'll be in?” I asked the crowd at large.

“Ryan's been in trouble with the MP's before,” Tamara offered. “He egged someone's house last Halloween.”

“He always makes like he's so tough,” said another boy about Shawn's age. “He lives down the street from us.”

“You shouldn't be gossiping, Sam,” admonished the woman I assumed was his mother.

“Well, it's the truth, Mom. He's a bully and a jackass.”

Sam's mother pursed her lips and a couple of other parents smiled.

Tamara's father growled. “If that punk thinks he can manhandle my daughter, he's got a lot to learn.”

Mike laughed outright. “C'mon Ken; I've seen Tamara in her MA class. She could kick his ass from here to Lejeune.”

“Gunny! Children present!” warned a WM, and Mike apologized, although it didn't sound awfully apologetic.

We all snickered and gradually everyone drifted back to their chairs and blankets.

“Well. That was entertaining,” I snarked. “You arrange that just for me?”

“No, I had dancing boys in mind, but they only work in pairs and I couldn't afford two of them.” He grinned back at me. We shared a few snickers.

BabyDoll chirped at me, asking if he and the others should stick with the kids, as they were beginning to rebuild their castle.

“Yeah, sure. You don't all have to stay with them, though. I doubt there'll be an act 2.” He smirked at me and flew off to tell his minions.

I plopped myself down with my knitting again and Mike went to check the grills.

Date: 2016-07-29 02:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
There was something so sweet and gentle about this part. This was scene of love, friendship and care on everyone's part... whether human or chibi.

I also noticed that Tam apparently understood what the chibi said to her. She needs at least one of them.

As for your need to work on BFB..waiting eagerly.

Date: 2016-07-31 11:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah Chibis! As for BFB, it would be great to get more of that too! I'm just happy to have something from you to read each month!


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