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If I mention that it had entirely escaped my mind that I do have bits of this to post, would anyone show up with flaming torches? Just wondering. ^___^

I can only plead massive terminal distraction, like the 25# cat who oozes under the sofa, the 10# cat who scared a dog, the 18# cat with the droopy tail and mostly the truck that decided to run a fever. O.O All finally adjusted to or repaired, and the brain casually says "Yo, what about some new Banshee?" First reaction was "Do I have any?" Then I opened the file. *facepalm* Yup. I haz some. So... see below. ^___^

BFB – Part 104 – Freaky

Time moves oddly when you're porting. I am not sure if this is apparent to the Wizards or if it's just me. Sometimes it takes what feels like a few seconds to get somewhere and other times, it seems like hours. Distance seems to have nothing to do with it. This time felt almost instantaneous.

We hit the ground just off the main road at the gravel drive that led up to both Farq and Ovalia's properties.

Jake had progressed to wringing his hands and chewing on his bottom lip.

“Thanks Jake. We'll be fine, I swear.”

“So you think now,” he grumbled. He turned to Ctik. “Do you have a phone?” Ctik nodded and waved it at him. “Good. This is my personal number. If anything – and I mean anything – bizarre or... or dangerous happens, hit the speed dial. I'll be here within 10 seconds.”

He gave me a long look and then sighed as if he was losing a lung. “If anything weird happens, you will tell Heero I tried to talk you out of it, right?”

“Oh course,” I snorted.

“I need some - “ he began and vanished.

Ctik cocked his head at me. “What do you suppose he needs?”

“Scotch. Aspirin. Tylenol. Or whatever he keeps on hand. I give out lots of headaches,” I grinned.

“You enjoy it, don't you.”

“Well... yeah. Pretty much. Keeps people on their toes.”

We headed up the lane and I explained about Farq and how he came to be “mine”.

Ctik laughed softly. “You do seem to collect oddballs like me.”

I snorted. “It's not my intention, really, but somebody needs to look out for you folks. Guess I just have the right temperament.”

“Or the compassion.” I glanced his way, but he seemed perfectly content to be one of my “problems”. Weird.

We weren't running, although I almost felt like we should be. Voices became audible; two female voices. Crap. I could hear that snarl in Ovalia's tiger tones. Pissed wouldn't begin to describe it.

We rounded a curve and spotted the three in the middle of the turn-around in front of Farq's farmhouse. The Wizard was yelling and waving her wand around. Ovalia sat back on her haunches, well into her were-tiger form and looking like a massive chunk of striped basalt. I'd forgotten how huge she was in that form; she made Trowa look like a house cat. She was also yelling, with a lot more volume. I didn't even try to sort out the words.

“Ctik, Farq's over there, trying to blend in with the porch swing; you wanna join him while I sort this out. I need to get that dumbass Wizard to focus on me.” Without waiting for his agreement, I jogged into the combat zone.

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