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I honestly didn't realize how long it's been since I posted something new. Damn. May. Crap. I guess I can blame it on being a parent - kitty parent, that is. The old girl has popped some thyroid trouble and that used up a couple of months making sure the meds worked. Then, just as I was relaxing - pro tip: never relax; Murphy is waiting - the youngest cat, my snapping snarling little buzz saw of attitude, suddenly wasn't doing well. Vet trip, diagnosis, treatment and finally euthanasia. It happened within a week. She had kidney failure. O_O Needless to say, the whole thing is just barely beginning to sink in. The whole house is still in WTF?! mode and I'm still doing the random crying thing. *sigh* Still look for her at the door when I come in, still reach for her on my pillow at zero-dark-thirty. The other two seem equally confused. Old girl checks all her usual spots and then yowls at me. Big Guy has lost his playmate and is being kinda cranky. And my credit card balance has reached "horrifying".

I'm trolling the shelters for another cat, but there are so many... and at heart, I am a crazy cat lady. It's tough to pick just one.

Apart from my seasonal angst, the world is still turning.

Hope you enjoy. ^___^

BFB – Part 104 – Freaky

“Hi Michael,” I grinned and he relaxed.

“Sorry; I didn't mean to interrupt you...”

“Not a problem. I was just imagining what I'd like to do to some idiots.” I gestured to the planter. “Have a sit, dude. How's it going inside?”

“Lots of crying and hugging,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Mom was telling Ctik about the 10-day thing. Everybody is pissed about that.” He sighed heavily. “Why would Dad not tell us that? I mean, it's not like he could hide it. Eventually, the buyers would show up and we'd have to get out,” he muttered.

“I think your dad maybe doesn't think things through very well. And maybe he prefers denial to having to admit he fucked up. I've met people like that, and embarrassingly enough, I've done the same kind of denial myself. But that only affects me, not everyone around me,” I sighed. “Do you know how far the packers got today?”

“All of the third and fourth floors are done and half the second,” he exclaimed. “I got to watch them for a while. That is so cool, how they just shrink everything down. That would be so savage to be able to do. I could carry everything I own in a toolbox.”

“Not quite, but pretty close,” I laughed.

“You want a soda? Or a beer?”

Oh, a beer sounded wonderful, but I was still officially on the clock, so I chose a soda. Maybe when I get home tonight.

We talked for quite a while about ordinary stuff. His mom had found a rental in the next town over, just until they decided where to look for a permanent home. He and Breeze would have to change schools, but they were ready to suck it up for Gisela's sake.

Michael opined that the new school had a better science program, and Breeze thought the guys were cuter. Not that his sister was so shallow as to judge by appearances – he was insistent that she had her head on straight – but cute guys would be a nice bonus for having to uproot.

I told him about my knitting and he was surprised that men did that. I laughed and explained about it starting out for Humans as a men-only thing with the guilds hundreds of years ago. In some cases, women weren't even allowed to knit, until the advent of factories. Of course, Magical Creatures had no such limitations. I tried to imagine Giniro's reaction to being told she couldn't knit if she wanted to. Yeah. Right. That was worth a stifled snort.

He supposed that it would be cool to be able to make your own stuff – he used that word “stuff” - but he couldn't quite picture himself doing it. Truthfully, I had a hard time imagining Human men knitting, myself. There are a couple in town who do; we've chatted at the shop a couple of times, but they seem to have regular jobs and only come in on the weekends. They also seem embarrassed to run into me. Weird.

Ctik and his family eventually drifted out to the patio to begin the saying goodbye process. The hugs seemed endless and it made me feel oddly warm that here was one Magical Creature – in spite of starting out as Human, vampires were officially Magical Creatures once they changed – who had people who cared, regardless of the popular press. It was... nice.

I was just about to dial for Jake when my phone rang. I hit the connect button, but didn't even get a chance to open my mouth before I heard yelling, howling and probably scariest of all, something really big growling with a snarl on the end.

“Farq!” I yelled into the phone, getting no answer. “Dammit! Farq! Ovalia!” From far away a voice said, “I told you-!” The phone went dead. I must have stared at it for more than a second or two, because Ctik touched my arm.

“Duo? What's wrong? Can we help?” I blinked up at him. “Don't think so,” I finally managed to say.

What the flaming hell was going on at Farq's place?! I hit the speed dial for Jake.

Yep, the Farq thing had officially refused to wait until Monday.

Date: 2014-12-11 08:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So sorry to hear about your kitty baby. I had a cat who was a real terror. She used to walk with me, and when she decided it was time to head home, she would jump unto my thigh... all four paws, claws extended. I had to backhand her to get her off. Afterwards she was loving and wanted to be carried, purring all the way home. Weird cat, but I loved her.

Glad to see this new part. CTik has a wonderful and caring family.

And Farq!?!? Poor Duo can't get a break.

Date: 2014-12-17 06:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks. After exhaustive visits to the shelter, we now have a new boy. ^__^ The others are somewhat miffed, but gradually getting used to him. It helps that he's a total lovebug.

Demons have a well-deserved reputation for being troublemakers, but Farq is just a live-and-let-live guy. And the minder is apparently trying to channel Dick Cheney. ^_o

Date: 2014-12-11 08:28 pm (UTC)
ext_30096: (Default)
From: [identity profile]
I was sorry to hear about kitty. I've had a few pull that one on me, gut wrenching.

Farq, what now? *G*

Date: 2014-12-17 06:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
She wasn't the first one I've lost, but she was the most surprising one. So sudden. Had to make a conscious effort not to pick another silver/blue tabby. The buzz-bomb was irreplaceable. ^__^

Duo's not amused by the quality of Probation's agents. ^___^

Date: 2014-12-12 07:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So sorry to hear about your kitties.

And what the hell is going on at Farq's?

Date: 2014-12-17 06:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It should get better now. As soon as the others stop expecting him to attack. ^___^

More like what isn't going on at Farq's. It's a regular circus there. ^___^

Date: 2014-12-12 03:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am sorry the sad news about your kitties. The kidney failure problems can be very sudden.

Duo at least will not have a boring weekend. ;)

Date: 2014-12-17 06:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, I didn't even realize that kidney failure was a Thing for cats. None of my others ever had it. Forewarned is forearmed now. ^__^

Heh. Neither will anyone else, if he has his way. ^___^

Date: 2014-12-21 01:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get... o_O
How is the new boy settling in? Have the others decided he's not the root of all evil yet?
Duo is such a nurturer by nature. Keeping on eye on Michael like that is sweet. Poor kid. Still think his Dad should do jail time....
And that right there is not the kind of phone call you want at the end of a long week... :D

Date: 2015-01-13 10:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey life happens, that's all there is to it.


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