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My, what a lovely month we've had. Or not. Fires all over the county at mid-month, aided and abetted by the santana winds. >.< Bleh. All gods love the fire fighters, local, out of area and CalFire and the US Forestry Service. My end of town got flamed a few years ago, so there isn't much brush to fuel a fire, but I expect we'll get something this season. Dammit.

Anyway, enjoy! And, uh, the length of time it takes for me to reply to comments has nothing to do with the commentariat; it's all me and my scattered neurons. Thanks for putting up with me. *hugs*

BFB – Part 104 – Freaky

Perhaps as compensation for dumping a demon problem in my lap, the rest of my day went smoothly. I took a break from the appraisers and watched the Pumas doing their shrinking thing. Now, that is a skill I wish I had. I love my bottomless bag, but it only holds so much; I couldn't pack a whole house into it. I reminded myself again to ask Trowa if he can do this.

Then it was mid-afternoon and I took myself off home to clean up, get a snack and find a cold drink. I thought about a beer, but settled for a DP. Wouldn't do to be tipsy around a vampire. Heh; even a sweetheart like Ctik.

Ctik was waiting for me in the shadows of the building where he was staying. It wasn't sundown yet, but the setting sun had dropped below the western mountains; pretty early for a vampire.

We made small talk while we took the shadowy route to the port room, and found that Jake was waiting for us. Oho. Apparently, Heero's intervention had an effect.

“Hey, Jake. Didn't expect you.”

“Ha! After Heero talked to the 'stupidvisor' this morning? Oh, hell yeah!” He offered both arms to us and Ctik and I moved in to take them.

A moment later, we landed on the front terrace of Ctik's house. I waved Ctik on ahead of me and he thanked Jake quite warmly.

“So,” I began when we were alone, “Do I take that to mean you aren't fond of the person I talked to this morning?”

He snorted. “I understand that we need to constantly evaluate and elevate new people, so we don't get caught in a crisis, but that Wizard is a waste of oxygen. She's already been moved to an admin position at the School. I think we'll all be happier with her over there.”

“Oh, you are so mean...”

“Please. Tell me Heero wasn't just about to crawl through the cell signal to rip her head off after she was rude to you.”

That I couldn't dispute. “He wasn't the only one,” I admitted.

“And that's why she's filing tardy slips at the School.”

I perched my butt on one of the gigantic stone planters. “I try to get along with everyone, but I swear this week is stepping on my last nerve,” I sighed.

“More than just this?”

“The minder for the demon is creating some kind of problem. Ovalia is pissed. Snarling pissed. And Cranky Badger is on leave until Monday and I don't know that it'll wait till then.” I kicked at a piece of gravel. “The RP in the office sounds like a very anxious mouse and couldn't possibly take any sort of action until she returns.” I rolled my eyes and he snickered.

“If you need some reinforcements, call me. I spent three months in Probation as a new hire and I probably remember more than that RP does,” he offered. He patted my shoulder and then vanished.

Reinforcements, huh. Maybe I could gather a squad of pissed-off Wizards and Magical Creatures and assault the Probation department. I spent a good five minutes wallowing in that beautiful thought until a noise brought me back. I opened my eyes to find Michael waiting awkwardly a few meters away.

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