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Sooo... Yeah, I am still alive. Most of the time anyway. ^__^ Big news is... New Banshee! *listens to the crickets* Okay, so it's Big for me, at least. It means my brain may have come unstuck. Ooooooh! I can only hope.

BFB - Part 104 - Freaky

“Is everything good now?” asked Enrique when I returned to the battlefield.

I shrugged. “I don't know. Cranky Badger is on leave and the guy in charge is a mouse. He reluctantly agreed to leave her a message, but she won't be back until Monday. I think the RP is a little afraid of the minder.”

“Really.” He frowned and popped open his own phone. “Hello Raia; is Q in? Ah. No, it's not a problem, just a question. It can wait. Thank you.” He closed the phone and sighed. “Q is off disemboweling idiots. Would you like me to deal with the minder?”

I came so close to saying “Yes!” I didn't though. Tough it out, I told myself; be the adult you keep claiming to be.

“No,” I sighed right back at him. “My demon, my problem, dammit.”

“Tiffany and I can handle this tomorrow if you want to make a visit onsite,” he offered.

“Thanks. I feel like I'm taking advantage of you, though. It's supposed to be my project.”

“Silly Banshee,” he laughed. “The demon is also your project.” He offered a fist to bump.

My turn to laugh. “Where did you learn that?”

“I do keep apprised of Humanity's little fads. There was a bit of hysteria over the gesture a few years ago, and what better to catch an Elf's attention than Human hysteria?” he snickered.

So very true; the Elves like to keep up on the state of the Human world more than any other Magical Creatures, I think. I don't speculate on why.

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